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Massey 4100v Series Round Silage Balers

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Better feed begins with a better baler.
Introducing the 4100V RB Series of silage balers.

Whether you run a small-to-mid-size dairy farm or a cow/calf operation, these rugged, hardworking machines from Massey Ferguson®, are built to handle everything your operation demands.

More Pickup
The 4100V RB Series

The first step in better baling is to pick more crop up off the ground, and the tines are the most crucial part of that process. That’s why we’ve engineered a completely new tine for the RB Series.

More tine bars

Due to the additional space created through the absence of a cam track, five tine bars are now fitted to the pickup. With the tines spaced just 2.5 inches apart, you get an even better and cleaner crop intake.

Offset tines

When looking at the RB Series pickup, you’ll notice offset tines on the ends. This allows the pickup to continually and consistently feed the crop flow augers, giving you square, shouldered bales.

Angled for cleaner pick-up

The angle of the tine has been adjusted to ensure the cleanest possible crop pickup under all crop and soil conditions.

Improved crop throughput

Due to its compact design, the new pickup is positioned closer to the rotor. This ensures an improved crop flow to the bale chamber, giving you increased baling output, with well-shaped, more uniform bales every time.

Less Blockage
The 4100V RB Series

Sometimes peak loads can become time-killing blockages. With our unique HydroFlex Control™ (HFC) two-stage anti-blockage system, you can reduce and resolve blockages quickly and easily.

A flexible floor in the feed chamber

Hydroflex Control is situated under the rotor where the feed passage is at its narrowest. It allows the front part of the feed chamber floor to flex up and down via a rubber suspension unit. This flexing action will smooth out the crop flow.

Easy Wrapping
The 4100V RB Series

Making a perfect bale is only half the battle. You also need to preserve your bales until they’re needed. There’s a variety of methods for storing, preserving and feeding bales, but it all begins with a fast, secure and flexible wrapping system.

Improve feed quality

The Varionet system provides “edge to edge” or “over the edge” wrapping, for perfect bale coverage every time. This means your bales not only look great, but they’re also completely protected against bad weather and crop losses

Easy loading saves time

The Easy Load System allows easier loading of the net roll. After loading, the new net roll is simply tipped backwards, lifted and locked into position. It makes the process simple, saving you time and effort.

Model Bale Chamber Diameter Bale Chamber Width Bale Size Pick-up width
Tine to Tine width
RB4160V 35.5"-63" 48" 4'x5' 78" 73"
RB4180V 35.5" -71" 48" 4'x6' 78" 73"


4100v Series Round Silage Balers
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Massey Ferguson





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